Articles tagged “Perl”
Joseph Huckaby - 3 April, 2014
Mirror Bot is an Internet Relay Chat bot designed to mirror all the activity from one IRC channel to another on a different IRC server, and visa-versa. Meaning, the bot monitors all activity in a channel on two different servers, and repeats everything said by all users into the other. One potential use of this is to mirror your Twitch.TV channel (which has its own IRC chat) onto your own IRC server. You can also pass commands through the mirror to the other bot for kicking / banning users remotely.
Joseph Huckaby - 27 January, 2014
OpenBox is a Mac OS X application which can synchronize folders to remote servers via SSH and Rsync, and keep them synchronized automatically and continuously in the background, similar to how Dropbox behaves. If you make changes to any file or folder, those changes are instantly detected and propagated to the server. You can setup multiple boxes pointing to different servers, automatically copy URLs to your clipboard (if uploading to a web server for example), and receive notifications when sync operations complete.
Joseph Huckaby - 19 January, 2014
SimpleBot is an easy-to-install and easy-to-use general purpose IRC bot, written in Perl. It is built on the awesome Bot::BasicBot framework.
Joseph Huckaby - 19 January, 2014
SimpleIRC is an easy-to-install and easy-to-use IRC server, written in Perl. It was designed around the idea that setting up and running an IRC server should be simple. SimpleIRC should run on any modern Linux server, and comes with a full web interface for administration (although you can also admin the server from the IRC console if you want). SimpleIRC is built on the awesome POE::Component::Server::IRC framework.