Articles tagged “JavaScript”
Joseph Huckaby - 9 March, 2014
Chatter is a Textual IRC theme (style) with a fixed width nickname gutter, smart time stamps, automatic light/dark mode switching, Emoji emotes and an auto-correction mechanism. Requires Textual for OS X which is available on the Mac App Store. It is based on the Skylight theme.
Joseph Huckaby - 8 March, 2014
Visible Errors is a browser extension for Safari and Chrome, which shows you every JavaScript error on your pages visually, using a notification system similar to Growl. This can be used for developing web apps, when you may not always have the console open. The way JavaScript was designed, a single error doesn't necessarily stop execution of your web app. DOM events still execute, timers still fire, etc. Sometimes an error may be thrown but you may not even notice it. Visible Errors puts a stop to that. As a programmer, I want to see every error thrown by my apps, whether I have the console open or not.
Joseph Huckaby - 7 March, 2014
HTML5 drag n' drop and click-to-select multi-file uploading library with "zero interface".
Joseph Huckaby - 8 March, 2014
WebcamJS is a small (~2.7K minified and gzipped) standalone JavaScript library for capturing still images from your computer's camera, and delivering them to you as JPEG or PNG Data URIs. The images can then be displayed in your web page, rendered into a canvas, or submitted to your server. WebcamJS uses HTML5 getUserMedia, but provides an automatic and invisible Flash fallback.